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Harappan Civilization

The Harappan Civilisation or Indus Valley Civilisation was flourished from   2500 B.C. to 1500 B.C. People from this civilisation created sculpture, seals, pottery, and jewellery from materials, such as terracotta, metal, and stone. In this article, we are giving 15 GK Questions which are very important for different types of competitive exams. You will have to read all the given question  and click over the  answer. At last you submit your answers and check your marks.


1. The Harappan Civilization was discovered in the year:


2. The local name Mahenjodaro is


3. The Indus valley Civilization specialized in


4. The famous figure of a dancing girl found in the excavation of Mohenjodaro was made up of


5. Lothal is a site where dockyard of which of the following civilization were found?


6. The people of the Indus valley Civilization usually built their houses of


7. The Indus valley people traded with the


8. Which of the following animals was not known to the Indus Valley Civilization ?


9. An advanced water management system of Harappan times has been unearthed at


10. Who discovered the Indus Valley Civilization ?


11. The earliest city discovered in India was


12. Which one of the following Indus Civilization site gives evidence of a dockyard ?


13. Cotton for textile was first cultivated in


14. Rock cut architecture in Harappan culture context has been found at


15. A copper chariot of Harappa times was discovered at


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